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Q: Can you convert my radio and how much does it cost?

A: We can convert almost any 30's to 70's 12V negative ground radio. It doesn't matter what model the car is. The price can vary due to the type of radio you want converted – some are a lot more work than others. Contact us for details and a quote on your vehicle.

Q: How long will it take for you to convert my radio?

A: We aim to return the radio within two weeks of receiving it from you, however in times of high demand it can take longer. If it's urgent ask if we can help you out.

Q: Do they sound good?

A: Absolutely! These radios are NOT like other reproduction radios on the market. When you run one of our radios and set it up with a quality amplifier and good speakers you will be blown away by the sound quality!

Q: My original radio is missing its knobs. Do you have replacements?

A: Yes we have new knobs available in a range of different styles and also carry a limited collection of original used parts including core radios.

Q: My radios chrome doesn't look good. Can you re-chrome it?

A: We can send your radios chrome parts away to be re-plated for you (die cast or plastic). This generally adds 2-3 weeks on the time it takes to do the conversion. Contact us for pricing.

Q: Can you install the radio for me?

A: Yes we can install. If you are too far away from us, we can recommend a preferred installer near you.

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